SEO Strategy Is More Than Ranking In Google

Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) firm for your needs can be a scary undertaking. Guarantees in this industry are often fraudulent and misleading, so how do you know your money is going into the right hands? Choose a seasoned SEO expert with an original, well-tested approach that can be tweaked to suit your personal website-ranking needs.

The following article answers this $64,000 question: “How do you know which firm will do the best job of getting your site to rank higher than your competitor’s?”

They understand the value of quality copywriting.

Many competing SEO firms greatly underestimate the importance of text in boosting your web pages’ ranking. CWP is constantly striving to better understand the algorithm Google uses to rank websites (Googlebot). This mysterious, elusive, and ever-changing creature is the key to improving your ranking. One of the most important ways to please the Googlebot is to prove that you are truly selling what you claim to be selling, and proving this requires quality copy on your site. Googlebot only sees code, not graphics, and therefore text always wins—even if it’s just garbage loaded with keywords. But our goal is to include lots of keyword-rich copy that consumers find credible, informative, and entertaining enough to keep reading. The longer someone stays on your site, the more likely they are to choose your product or service.

In addition, basic SEO 101 as taught by seasoned SEO consultant David Bruce Jr of CWP Tech Solutions will teach you that the first line of text you use—the first words that come out of your websites’ mouth—equal the single keyword phrase that you want to be found under in Google. So the last phrase you want to start with is “Welcome to my website.”

Google is not the be-all end-all of SEO.

An excellent SEO firm will constantly strive to think ahead of the competition and ahead of the times. These days this means focusing on Social Media Optimization (SMO). The latest trend in search engines are sites such as Collecta, OneRiot, and Topsy, which return real-time results from social media moguls such as Twitter and Facebook. This trend can translate into a big boost for your site’s ranking if you know how to take advantage of it by optimizing and updating your Tweets, Company Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and LinkedIn pages. In addition, it’s just as important to understand that you must rank in Google Maps as well as organic search listings.

Hire a “Twitterceptionist”.

Tweeting every one of your listings every day, otherwise known as “ad blasting”, is undoubtedly effective to a point. But an SEO firm worth their salt knows that at the end of the day Twitter is all about two-way communication. Interested consumers who see your posts are likely to hit that “reply” button, but people lose interest quickly if they are ignored. So you must reply to those replies if you want your ad blasting to work in the long run.

Know the #1 way to please Mr. Googlebot.

Google’s page ranking algorithm, Googlebot, is coded to love your site if it has loads of other sites with your link on them. There are two ways to get your link out there as much as possible; take advantage of external websites and external Blogs. Getting your link on external websites means building mutually-beneficial relationships with local sites, as well as adding your profile/link to the highest-ranking local domains that allow you to “register” on them. In addition, external “supporting” Blogs about your area and including your link, created by and ghost-written by your SEO firm, will work wonders to promote your site and increase sales.

Keep up with the “right” trends.

Some trends in SEO should be followed, others are best ignored. These days one of the most important considerations is page load time. In the world of Google ranking, shaving even a fraction of a second off your page load time can work wonders for your site. A great way to achieve this is to use the Google Page Speed Add-on, an app which provides suggestions on improving performance, reducing bandwidth, and grabbing and holding visitors’ interest.

Remember that timing is everything.

Ranking is one thing, getting the sale is another, and maintaining that higher ranking and profitability over time is even more challenging. Properly timing the output of your blog posts, links, additional copy, and updates to Facebook and Twitter can make or break you. It’s an art and science to be battle-tested and tweaked over time. A seasoned SEO knows this and constantly strives to master that science of timing in order to maximize your results.

How To Choose An SEO Social Media Marketing Firm

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Organic search rankings can be achieved if you target everything about your web pages title, the article title, the paragraph headings with the keyword phrase you'd like to show up in the search results for. Here's another SEO trick: Company Facebook Pages (not personal Facebook profiles) also show up prominently in Google searches. The holy grail of organic search ranking is to have your website occupy the #1 slot in the organic results and your company Facebook page occupy the #1 slot on for the same Google search results page.
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