Are You On Google+ Yet? You will be...

I operate a Business Networking Coop group on Facebook.

On our group I teach Local SEO and Social Media Marketing.

I've spent the past week (80 hours of the past week) poking under the hood of the new exciting Google+

There are some flaws G hasn't ironed out yet... if you don't know what you're doing with G+ you're likely to be disappointed .

Biggest flaw in it's current incarnation?

Finding people to add... more importantly, attracting people to add YOU.

If you're G+ profile isn't filled out.... people will glance at you and not be able to figure out if you are someone interesting or if you might be someone they would want to network with

Almost everyone in the group have been asking me to give them a step by step cheat sheet for how to Optimize their Google+ Profile

Step One: Decide on ONE KEYWORD PHRASE... and keep that ONE phrase for no less than 12 weeks before switching targets
Step Two: Do you know how to make an HREF link? ,Do you know how to make an Anchor Text Link?
In your profile, there is a WYSIWYG editor
craft an "under 162 character" sentence that "sells the sizzle, not the steak", it is your buzz phrase AND your chosen keyword phrase.
this is important: Sell ONE thing but sell it well
Write that sentence out, highlight it, and make it into a URL
Now that was your first line in your profile...
It is part of the "not for human consumption" part of your profile
Step Three: Craft a "Written to please a Human Audience" resume with this caveat
Now write a 255 character to 250 word written description of why someone would want to connect with you.
Make that prose with the premise of WIIFM (what's in it for your reader)
Do NOT make it full of YOUR ego
no one cares who you are...
The the last set of paragraphs is the "this is who I am, where I went to school, what is important to me

Organic search rankings can be achieved if you target everything about your web pages title, the article title, the paragraph headings with the keyword phrase you'd like to show up in the search results for. Here's another SEO trick: Company Facebook Pages (not personal Facebook profiles) also show up prominently in Google searches. The holy grail of organic search ranking is to have your website occupy the #1 slot in the organic results and your company Facebook page occupy the #1 slot on for the same Google search results page.
Our business is getting your business listed at the top of Google search results

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