Social Media Measurement and Landing A Job

Thomas Power of Ecademy on Social Media Measurement Scores:

Size matters more than you realise

Thomas Power on social media measurement scores

"I'm Fascinated by measuring people's performance online, because we do measure people's performance offline.

We measure with a university degree.

For instance Goldman Sachs only wants to interview people with a 1st class degree.

That qualification lasts forever.

When we talk about engagement online is that it lasts minutes, or days.

When we talk about a Klout score or a peerindex score, or an EmpireAvenue score...pretty soon we're going to see a Google+ score, and a twitter score and a Facebook score...
those measure your engagement online.

That's like saying:

"I don't interview anybody with a klout score under 50"

"For interviewing people that's fair enough, if you've got a Klout score of 50 or above, or peerindex or what ever it is, then you know that person is engaged online."

You don't really know how good they are.

".. what I was thinking of, the scoring systems are going to start to break down by town, or city, and subjects.

So whos got the highest Klout score, who is a specialist in pharmaceutical, in London... who is a specialist in video, in Bristol, with the highest Klout score?

It's going to start breaking down by town, vertical market, geography, country, and city.

What happens when you load a Klout score into LinkedIn?

Then you look up the interviewees and you sort them by Klout score, or their social score, and let's say "we'll interview the top 3, and we'll ignore those 7"


So if these scores were to appear, and people start to sort them.

If you get a first class degree, that lasts forever.

Your qualifications online do NOT last forever. As soon as you stop engaging your score plummets.

"I went camping for 10 days and my score dropped 15 points."

This is a giant measuring exercise

So we have a giant computer game with people competing for market share.. scary, very very scary, but coming anyway!

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Frederick Maryland Disaster Restoration said...

I'm afraid to look at what my Klout score is, I guess I'll have to spend some time working on mine.

I would like to be seen as being influential in water damage clean up

So how would I go about doing that?

Lawyer SEO said...

What you'd want to do to pull that off is a couple of steps, done over time:

A) follow other folks in the water damage clean up industry
B) tweet using hashtags, #waterdamage would work, you're hoping for others in your industry to see YOUR tweets using that hashtag and engage them in conversation, hopefully they will follow you and vice versa
C) post articles both from YOUR website/blog and others websites/blogs on the subject of Water Damage Clean up
D) make sure you aren't using twitter as outbound broadcasting, what you want to do is encourage conversations, there's gotta be INBOUND (other people asking YOU questions and YOU ANSWERING those questions

presto, you are now THE AUTHORITY in your genre