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Get your business noticed in Google and Yahoo for a lot less than you'd expect!
Frederick Web promotions can get your existing companies web site on the front page of both Yahoo and Google in 24 hours. If your company doesn't have a site, I'll make one, I'll throw in a Google Blog as well (every company needs both by the way)

David Bruce Jr.
Frederick Web Promotions
240 315-1515

For best results give me some digital pictures saved to a computer for upload
digital video is better, I'll make a YouTube channel for your product or service
(Google OWNS YouTube... patronize them and they'll reward you, Google also owns
Blogger.com see where I'm going with this?)

Sales Copy sells, pretty pictures don't!

You only get 110 characters to "Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak"

You wanna see results?

Fair enough, after all you can't be a "little bit pregnant"
results are like a light switch... it's either ON or OFF

Do this in Google:
I redid the website for a company I worked for in Baltimore:
Bay Associates Environmental Inc.

They had a site that was boring, and couldn't be found in Google or Yahoo
They did have a really great domain name:


Now that you're at google.com (I know, you just had to click on the link to
http://hazardouswastepros.com ... so go back to google and type these keywords in:

Pressure treated wood disposal Baltimore


try this:
creosote disposal Baltimore

Marine Pier removal Baltimore

need more?

try those again, this time without the Baltimore

Now, wanna see the before and after?

I had a falling out with these people, they gave me a company pick up and it got sticky... short version is they took my name off the site SO....

go to http://archive.org

in the search box labled: "The Way Back Machine"
type in hazardouswastepros.com

click on any year before 2008
the earliest versions were before I redid the site
on the versions from 2003 to 2007 scroll down and you'll find my name:
David Bruce Jr.
I used to be Baltimorewebservices.com
I left Baltimore after my Dad died on cancer in July of 2005 so I let the domain name expire

David Bruce Jr
Frederick Maryland
Frederick Web Promotions
301 363-8206

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