Google Top Ranking- Results or Excuses

If you own a business, you have to advertise...

If your target market, your potential customers are people that have money to spend, which is to say, Yuppies- college educated, homeowners... people in the over $70,000 a year tax bracket...

to those people, if your company is in the phone book, that's OK but it's old school, to those people, if you're not listed in Google, YOU DO NOT EXIST!

If you have a business and are shopping for a service to get your products or company listed in the major search engines it boils down to two things:



What do results look like?

type the keywords that you want to be found under into Google, if your company is found on the front page (the top ten listings) EVEN if you think your company is fully booked, you have credibility.

Customers think this: a Google listing means you're not a fly by night, flash in the pan, contractor, and consider this- a well thought out website levels the playing field, prospective clients cannot tell you're running your business from your coffee table.

Wanna see Frederick Web Promotions results?

I used to drive a truck for a hazardous waste removal contractor in Baltimore.
Bay Associates Environmental Inc. Their website was http://hazardouswastepros.com

I moved to Baltimore to care for my father when he was diagnosed with cancer, the people I worked for had a crappy website, it was boring, more importantly the sales copy was relatively non existent. (sales copy is what sells, not pretty pictures by the way)

After I redid Bay Associates website and GOT IT LISTED IN GOOGLE UNDER THE KEYWORDS FOR THE MOST PROFITABLE THINGS the company did... Bay Associates landed a $12,000 oil tank removal job and a few weeks later they landed a $100,000 oil spill clean up job, both jobs came directly from the website's listing in Google.

To see a before and after all you must do is go to http://archive.org

Archive.org runs a search engine for websites that have changed or are no longer up and running, the name for this search engine is the "Wayback Machine"

if you type http://hazardouswastepros.com into http://archive.org you'll see that the first mention of the site is from 2000, I remade the site in early 2004, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see my credits: website by David Bruce Jr.
(I used to call myself baltimorewebservices.com back then, my Dad died and I moved from Baltimore to Frederick)

Before I got invovled: http://web.archive.org/web/20010302050449/http://www.hazardouswastepros.com/

After: http://web.archive.org/web/20070625113645/http://www.hazardouswastepros.com/

Since my leaving the firm, Bay Associates removed the companies emphasis from running a waste removal truck service to heavy equipment, waste removal with a large back hoe... and they've taken my name off the site.

But the fact remains that to this day, if you type:

pressure treated wood disposal + Baltimore

creosote disposal + Baltimore

marine bulkhead disposal + Baltimore

the web page and listing I made back in 2004 is STILL Listed at the top of google

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