Search Engine Optimization with Blogs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Blogs

Optimizing a blog is one of the absolute best ways to capture Google's most coveted top spots very quickly. You can hit number 1 on Google in a matter of days. Here's how you do it...

a.) First, find a good blogging tool. There are plenty out there. I use WordPress. I originally picked it because it was so quick and easy to setup. And I soon realized the platform does 50% of SEO by its very nature. It's free and you can get thousands of themes, to fit any style you wish, also for free.

b.) Next, make sure your hosting provider can support your blog. I've never seen one that can't. If you are starting fresh, do a Google search for "WordPress blog hosting" and you'll find great packages that only cost $25 for a whole year. Just avoid the freebie hosts since you are almost guaranteed to be sharing server space (and likely an IP range) with sites banned by Google, which can cost you your ranking.

c.) Once your blog app is installed, turn on the "permalink" option from the control panel. This ensures each posting you enter will also get its own URL. And finally, start entering postings of 200 words or more, focusing on only one or two keywords per post. Try to begin each post title with the primary keyword for that topic.

d.) To best optimize your keywords and content follow the steps outlined in SEO cbt's release "Google Domination". This is a free computer based training module for SEO do it yourselfers that works extremely well. It was not written specifically for blogs but all the information is perfectly suited to them.

Inside Tip: Register your domain name for a five year period or longer. Just extend it if needed. Google has been known to check "whois" records and assumes the longer the domain is registered in advance, the more "real" the site is.


From SEO News:

About The Author
Mike Small is a ten year veteran SEO specialist with thousands of top search engine rankings to his credit. He is the author of seven SEO books and founder of http://www.SEOpartner.com.

note: I personally use Google's Blogger blogs, for one thing they're free and there is nothing to stop you from having http://yourcompany.com and yourproduct.blogspot.com
the worst thing that could happen is that you'd end up with a google entry for:


For example my main website is http://www.frederickwebpromotions.com
and the accompanying blogspot blog for it is http://frederickwebpromtions.blogspot.com

Why would I do that?
We all want something from Google, every website wants to be #1 in Google.
You want something from Google? Use Google's tools, use as many as they have to offer. Google provides tons of free tools to help you get found. Google OWNS blogger, when you build a blogger.com blog your company blog will have .blogspot.com in the url.

If your company was Joe's Upholstery Shop and your company website address (url) was http://joesupholstery.com you could create a blogspot.com blog which would make you http://joesupholstery.blogspot.com ... but wait, there's a better way:

You don't really want to pitch your name, what you want is for people to visit a website for a purpose. Your purpose is to sell stuff, Joe's Upholster Shop sells a service, auto upholstery service and they do so in Frederick, Maryland. Rather than make them a http://joesupholstery.blogspot.com I made them http://frederickupholstery.blogspot.com

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