Growing Client List for Frederick Web Promotions

Our list of clients that we've given proven results is growing!

Yellow Towing of Frederick Maryland

Taxi Fiesta Frederick's Bi Lingual Taxicab service, my 1st Spanish language site

Frederick Sedan Service

So you already have a company website huh?

You can still have multiple company blogs:

The strategy is just like fishing... you stand to catch more fish with more fishing lines in the water.

You also have to change the bait... what if you put up a website (put a worm on the hook) and no one bought your product/service???

What do you do now?

Change the bait, what if the fish are not biting worms today?
you put on a minnow, or change the lure... Business Blogs are the perfect tackle

I did it again for City Cab Frederick:

City Cab already gets 95% of all the taxi business in Frederick, the only new money to make is from airport transportation customers... and those customers use the Internet to make travel arrangements, they use Google to get where they're going.



The airport blog ranks in the top ten Google results for the keyword phrase:
Frederick Airport Transportation

Here, click this link to see Actual Google results for the keyword phrase:
Frederick Airport Transportation

On this one I put the City of Frederick's own pamphlet for instructions on how to become a taxicab driver in Frederick. City Cab needs more airport drivers now that Frederick Web Promotions is their webmaster/ Google Consultant/ Search Engine Guru

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