Your company name dot com doesn't make people buy

Your company name dot com doesn't make people buy anything

What you do and where you do it dot come does.

www.whereyousellwhatyoudo.com is even better

The difference between other web design companies and other local Frederick Search Engine Optimization companies and Frederick Web Promotions is:

We don't want to sell you a website if it isn't going to make you money!

What you call your website and what you call your company shouldn't be the same!

Unless you're Pepsi or Cadillac, no one cares, your prospective customers do not care what your company name is (I know you do... but we're talking about your website making you money here!)

Your website has two names, one is the website address (called a url)

And the title of the website, which is what is displayed at the top of the browser.
for example the title of this website is:
Search Engine Placement for any size Business

I have a client who does upholstery.
Joe's Upholstery Shop

The name "Joe" doesn't mean much to Google, it might mean something to the business owner but that fact is not going to get him ranked high in Google.

If you're not in the top ten Google results, why bother?

I mean what's the point of even having a website, if no one is going to find it.

And Google IS the whole ball of wax... Soon Google software will be on all (or virtually all) cell phones, the way Microsoft software is on almost all computers.

How to Dominate Google Rankings

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