Dominate Google Rankings- mulitple top ten listings

I frequently hear from new clients:

  • "We already have a website"

  • "We're already in Google"

  • Ok, that's good... My response is:
    "How many listings, top ten listings can people find your company under?"

    Frederick Web Promotions can Dominate Google Rankings with MULTIPLE TOP TEN LISTINGS

    One of Frederick Web Promotions favorite clients is one we do publicity for for free.
    (we do charities and non profit organizations search engine optimization at no cost)

    Frederick's own Mission of Mercy

    What does Frederick Web Promotions do for Mission of Mercy?

    Linda Ryan, director of the Frederick Office of Mission of Mercy told me her most pressing need is to have another volunteer dentist to come to thier Free Health Clinic.

    Mission of Mercy operates a traveling health care/ dental care clinic from an RV. They're an amazing bunch, I actually used their services when I got fired from a job (fired for being sick as a matter of fact- http://fredericktruckdrivers.blogspot.com)

    What specifically did I do for Mission of Mercy?

    If you type "Mission of Mercy" into Google, the sentence and a half that Google describes what the site is about... well it's relatively generic.

    It doesn't exactly scream: "WE Need a DENTIST"

    Go see what I mean: Go to Google
    Type in
    Frederick Mission of Mercy

    You get this:


    Results 1 - 10 of about 87,700 for Frederick Mission of Mercy. (0.19 seconds)

    From Search Engine Placement for any size business

    The first two Google listings are the official Mission of Mercy site.

    The entire rest of the page is blog posts and Frederick.com articles I wrote for Mission of Mercy.

    Take a quick scan of what Google uses for the sentence and a half that Google gives you for a description of what Google thinks the site/blog is about.

    ...You tell me if it's apparent that Linda Ryan needs a volunteer dentist?

    Moral of this story?

    What a SEO consultant (SEO= Search Engine Optimization) does is to get Google to say what you want Google to say about your company in the tiny 110 or so characters (roughly a sentence and a half) that Google alots to your website description.

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