Use external sites to boost YOUR site

The Strategy that works to get YOUR EXISTING website to rank in the top ten (or even in the #1 slot) in Google is to do everything you can to get quality incoming links.

Let's say you sell some kind of 'widget'
and you paid some expensive web design firm for a ritzy http://widgets.com website.

and the site Looks Good
  • clean lay out

  • easy to decipher navigation

  • Asthetically Pleasing

  • BUT

    It's buried DEEP in the bowels of Google.

    The best strategy is to use 'external' sites that link to the main site is how you get the main site to rank!

    What do I mean by *External Sites*?

    Any other site that is not your existing site.

  • This is independent from your main http://mycompanywebsite.com

  • A different domain name

  • "Ok, so how do I do that?"

    Three ways:

    1.) In most every industry there are online directories and online classified ads websites. The business model for most Business Directory websites is to list area businesses and earn a modest income from placing Google AdSence ads somewhere on the directory.

    The value Google places on a given directory depends on how much *quality traffic* that directory has. Some directories are better than others in this regard.

    So... get your website listed in as many local directories as you can find

    2.)Create a Company Blog and/ or Blogs that point to (link to) your existing site.


    3.) If you're in Maryland, there is No Better *External Website* than getting a Frederick.com Sponsor Page

    From Blogger Pictures

    Most Frederick.com Sponsor Web Pages have a Google Page Rank of 4 right out of the starting block!

    Page Rank is similar to how they rank a Hurricane, category 4 is ten times a category 3 and so on.

    And that's not the only benefit from advertising on Frederick.com

    An article written about Your Industry or Your Company that's published in Frederick.com Ranks VERY HIGH in Google.

    Want to see?

    Go to Google

    Type in Frederick Mission of Mercy

    [Mission of Mercy is a free health care/ dental care clinic that travels to local communities in an RV set up as a clinic, they are an amazing 501c3 non profit organization]

    Mission of Mercy needs dentistsVisit the unofficial Frederick Mission of Mercy Blog · http:// frederickmissionofmercy.blogspot.com/2008/08/mission-of-mercy-needs-dentists. html ...
    www.frederick.com/Mission_of_Mercy_needs_dentists-a-372.html - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

    Frederick County Maryland, Md. - ForumFrederick Mission of Mercy Needs Volunteer Dentist. DavidBruce - 08-15-2008 11: 35:14. Frederick is blessed to have not one but 4 visits a month from Mission ...
    www.frederick.com/index.php?action=forum&view=98 - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

    Both of those are Frederick.com pages that ranked in the top ten Google results for:

    Frederick Mission of Mercy

    and by the way, All Goolge garnered from the main Mission of Mercy official website was it's street address...

    "So What" you say?

    I filled the entire page, Eight out of the Ten Top Listings with Blog posts, Blog feed listings, Frederick.com articles and such.

    Linda Ryan, the director of the local Frederick Maryland Mission of Mercy told me she needs a dentist, a volunteer dentist.

    You tell me... did I get that message across in Google?

    Frederick Web Promototions gets Google to say what I want Google to say about YOUR Business or YOUR product

    Ok, so what exactly IS a domain name?

    In the above example, the domain name is the part of the website url that reads:
    mycompanywebsite (for business they're all going to end in .com most likley)

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