Ranking is exactly like fishing Google™

You want to be found in Google™ right?

Where in Google™? At the top, right?
top of what? The search engine results pages... for what keywords?

Ahh, that's the right question!

Getting customers to find you is only as good as your discovering WHAT KEYWORDS YOUR prospective customers are going to type into Google™

To answer this question is to compare the Search Engines to Fishing.

Let's break this down:
A) You already have a company website
B) You don't have a company website

Let's take A first- You are fishing for clients/ customers, your website is fishing for you, the fish are most definitely in the pond, and that pond consists of Google™

The keywords or keyword phrases are the bait.

The salescopy on your website is the hook.

The prospective customers are in the pond and they're hungry.

What do you do?

If you get a web design outfit to create a spiffy website that you like, the webmaster likes, the web host that you pay for the website likes and the customer either:

  • doesn't like

  • cant find it in the pond (Google™

  • All the fancy web design in the world isn't going to do you any good.

    "find it in the pond (Google™)"

    That's the rub, how does a customer find you? They type keyword phrases into Google™ and make some assumptions.

    If you're found in the top ten, it stands to reason that you MUST be an OK company, because apparently Google™ thinks highly of you.

    If you're found at the top, it's reasonable to think that you're the top dog in your industry.

    If you're found not once, not twice but many times in the top ten... what do you think the prospective customer is going to think?

    Who else in the Frederick County Maryland/ Montgomery County Maryland/ Washington County Maryland/ Howard County Maryland has a proven track record of generating MULTIPLE LISTINGS IN THE TOP TEN of Google™ ???

    You just found them, Frederick Web Promotions

    Need more convincing?

    Go ahead, type this into Google™:
    frederick maryland keyword phrases


    What about B) (you do not yet have an existing website)

    Call David Bruce @ 301 363-8206
    Frederick Web Promotions has options starting at $80 per year for a business blog just like this one (choice of templates of course) and / or a Frederick.com sponsor page/ Montgomerycountymd.com sponsor page/ Washingtoncountymd.com sponsor page starting at $200 per year.

    There are two and ONLY two reasons a website, ANY website doesn't make money:

  • Wrong bait

  • Wrong part of the pond

  • How to Dominate Google Rankings

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