Help Wanted in Frederick

Frederick Online Publisher has too much work - Help Wanted Part Time in Frederick Maryland.

Ideal Candidate for "Summary Writer Intern" is high school student with Journalism Major aspirations.

Part Time 2/ 3 hours a day.

Work can be done from your computer, I can see if you did the work from my computer.

Requires ability to summarize articles on various websites.

Requires 140 character, 200 character and 350 character descriptions that do two things:

  • Are interesting
  • Sell the sizzle and not the steak
Frederick Web Promotions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We do not discriminate if you had an arrest record, if you're in school (you have to have a work permit and be old enough), if you're homeless, if you're a space alien...

If you can be creative in 300 characters (including spaces and punctuation) we don't care if you come from planet mars... we need you!

( you do have to be legally eligible to work in this country and be able to prove either citizenship or valid green card )

Part time Employment in Frederick Maryland minimum wage max 12 hours a week.

Email David Bruce at davidbrucejr@frederickwebpromotions.com

301 363-8206 call between 9am and 6pm ONLY

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