I'm getting so much work from Facebook and Google that I now have a waiting list.
In order to pre-screen the waiting list I ask everyone to donate to A Mission of Mercy via Facebook if they want quicker response from me.

Hiring people is almost as much work as doing it all myself.
I wasn't aware of all the ramifications of running a help wanted ad for Frederick Maryland-

I got swamped:
Over half the respondents were not real applicants
they were my competition bewildered at how I unseated them from the coveted top spot in Google they once enjoyed.

About a quarter of respondents were media inquiring if this was a real job or a publicity stunt. I didn't set out for it to be a publicity stunt but as it turns out I AM in the publicity business and am not gonna walk away from free publicity!

Any response is a good response when you're in the publicity business.
301 363-8206

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