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How to Dominate Google Rankings


Christopher Hegg said...

I didn't know anything about this... You really opened my eyes to something new.THNAKS

David Bruce said...

You're welcome.
Yahoo Buzz is in a unique position compared to most other social bookmarking sites: Google seems to favor Yahoo products (like Flickr for example), Buzz gets (in my humble opinion) "extra credit" in passing Google PageRank.

Consider this possibility:
If Yahoo "went under", what would that mean to Google? On one hand Google's stock holders would stand on their wallets and decry victory, on the other the Obamunists would very likely demand hearings on breaking Google up, the Anti Trust Zealots would have a field day.

In my opinion, Google seems to favor bookmarks left on Yahoo Buzz, and they seem to favor company photos on Yahoo's Flickr over other alternatives.

So many social bookmarking sites are overrun by link dumpers (link spammers) seeking that coveted "dofollow" backlink, that the beleaguered admins resort to making the bookmarks left "nofollow".

Yahoo Buzz bookmarks are dofollow.

And to ensure my clients, followers, avid readers, any one who owes me a favor, anyone who wants something from me... I make it easy for them to find my Buzzes so they can Buzz them up!
(shameless self promotion, I know, but if I don't do it... who is?)