Fake Calls From Google

How do you know if Google Places is really calling you?

More than a few small business report getting calls from people purporting to be Google.
They are not really Google
They are shysters, most often a telemarketing firm using unethical tactics.
They are telemarkers hired by ill informed local SEO firms to generate leads.

the telemarketer needs to get 5 minutes of a business owners time to get you to listen to their pitch. If they identified themselves as "telemarketers for the Acme Local SEO company, you'd likely hang up. However if they (mis)represent themselves as being "with Google" you'll be surprised enough to give them 5 minutes of your time.

Here's how they're "spitting hairs"

remember, they're telemarketers who "represent" company X, they're not company X
Company X is banking on any liability for misrepresentation falling on the telemarketing firm, not company X
Company X didn't really "misrepresent themselves", the telemarketing firm did.

Now Company X does kinda "work with" Google, in that they, like me, are in the Google consulting business.

You, the small business owner, does not really know the nuances of what "working with" Google means.

So, in the telemarketers mind, they're not "lying", what they are doing is "stretching the truth"

So how do you know if Google Places is really calling you?

Google Places calls show 650-253-2000 on the caller ID, and Google as the name.

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