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Why Responsive Design might not be good enough

April 21 2015 Google is officially creating an alteration of it's ranking algorithm to favor websites that are "Mobile Friendly" Now that phrase "mobile friendly" is/ was subject to interpretation: Many web developers interpreted that to mean "responsive design"

What that meant in practical terms is:

because the screen size, the available real estate with which to view a website is so much smaller on a tablet or iPad as compared to on a full size desktop computer or a laptop, "responsive" meant the website would check to see "who" was viewing the website and respond by altering to fit the available screen space.

Umm.. well that "technically works" but if that's ALL you do, the text can be way, WAY too tiny to be "usable" ( Hence the web developer term UX witch stands for User Experience )

However Google Offers what IT thinks "mobile friendly" is or isn't

To clear up some of this.. Google offers this free tool to provide a definitive answer to what it considers "good enough"


what we do at Frederick Web Promotions is use a WordPress plugin to do more than just be "responsive" but to offer to your customers a different version of your website for smartphones as compared to the one we offer to customers viewing on a plain jane old school desktop computer.


Our business is getting your business listed at the top of Google search results

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