LinkedIn captures 70% of Business Social Networking

LinkedIn Dominates Corporate Social Networking

* LinkedIn captures 70% of the share of Social Networking in the workplace. *Facebook is your fathers (and mothers) social network!

The article featured below is about a SEO conference in Canada, but I'll bet the stats for usage of social media, social networking and general email marketing in the US mirror what's being reported here:

The average Canadian:

  • 5.4 hrs/week spent on Social network sites, about 1/3 of total Online time.

  • The stuff teens do online is very different from adults, and VERY limited: socializing, music, and gaming.

  • 88% of Adults use the internet to visit a new or informational website, versus only 44% of teens.

  • 68% of Adults have clicked a website advertisement versus 28% of teens.

  • 70% teens are weekly social network users, versus 36% of adults

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    Highlights of that Canadian SEO conference:

  • Advertising budgets are not aligned to where people are spending their time - online expenditure lags significantly behind traditional mediums

  • 58% of Canadians receive 51+ unsolicited commercial emails a week (17% don’t even know)

  • 64% of people don’t open ANY unsolicited emails

  • of the people that do open unsolicited emails, 53% do so out of curiosity, 28% because they thought it was legitimate

  • Permission-based (opt-in) emails are still one of the best ways to market to your websites audience. Be diligent about collecting them

  • 77% of Canadians are registered to receive some kind of opt-in email (2008 average number of sites registered with: 15.3)

  • Top 3 reasons for opting-in: Personal Interest (42% ), Entertainment (38%), New and Information (32%)

  • It’s worth noting that E-Commerce and Retail is the 7th most common reason (27%)
    * Activities resulting from opting-in to an email list:
    o 60% entered an advertiser’s contest
    o 52% visited the advertiser’s website
    o 17% purchase or received products at a later date
  • 68% percent of Canadians are willing to provide their email address depending on reasoning

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