Organic vs Sponsored pay per click

How do I Rank Higher in Google?

When advertising on via the Internet you need to compete against
other websites. What you're attempting is to get your companies
website to rank higher in the search engines than your competitors

Too often a new Maryland Internet advertising client will insist
that the consultant make the existing corporate website improve
in ranking with out having to change, edit or alter the existing

Balancing Paid and Organic Search Engine Listings

Does your company’s website really need to be listed in both the organic or “natural” search results as well as the paid “sponsored” results? The answer is a most definite “yes”. After talking to a lot of other search engine marketing experts, we all tend to agree that a combined approach–one that relies on both organic search engine rankings and paid listings works best.

Higher click-thru ratios
According to recent research, (I will quote and talk about the research in the presentation), websites that are listed at the top of the organic search results and the paid listings will triple their click-thru ratio. Three times more people will visit your website if it is listed in both places because there is a “second opinion effect”. Searchers see both listings and are encouraged by the fact that a website is listed in both the organic listings and the paid listings.

Greater penetration of search results
By optimizing your website’s content to rank well in the organic search results, your website can be found for many keyword phrases and combinations of keywords. Good organic search engine rankings typically take months to achieve, and are fairly easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. Pay per click (PPC) can be implemented quickly–it can also be turned on and off as needed, depending on your company’s budget and current promotions.

More keyword research
Keyword research tells you how many people per day search for what keyword terms. There are many tools available that allow you to perform keyword research even before you achieve organic search engine rankings or start a PPC campaign. Once organic search engine rankings are achieved, keyword research using existing website statistic data allows you to enhance your listing of keywords–you can combine your organic keyword list with your PPC keywo

How to Dominate Google Rankings

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