Facebook IS your target market

I do SEO and I have to say this about Facebook:

Facebook IS our target market. The demographics are people that have the age, experience, credit score, education, and credibility... None of the above is true for MySpace.

There is a reason the 40 to 50 year old demographic moved to facebook all at once... they had no where else to go! What were they going to do, hang out with the folks with nose rings, tatoos and glitzy 'pimped profiles'?

Now if you sold ring tones for brightly colored cell phones that are also MP3 players AND did double duty as a Tom Tom... then MySpace is where you want to market.

You want serious people actually capable of buying your product? Facebook IS the only viable answer... and to make it even sweeter... Facebook is where you go to find lost friends, classmates, even the love of your life that got away (now that the two of you are divorced).

I do Ghost Facebook pages for a fee the same way I do Ghost Blogs for my SEO customers. No one need ever know it was me writing the copy... and ALL of my SEO clients are #1 in Google.

Google this: local Google advertising and see who is in the top ten multiple times

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