3 Good Reasons to Select a Local SEO Agency

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Traditional Advertising is dead and buried, your "marketplace" has moved along with your "storefront". Google has irrevocably changed the entire societies shopping habits and preferences:

NO ONE BUYS ANYTHING with out checking it out on Google FIRST
If you are in the business of selling a product or a service... and your product or service is NOT located on the first page of Google search results... you are going to go out of business. Game Over.

If you work for a company that sells products or services (don't we all?), and your companies products or services are not physically found on the first page of Google search results when your potential customers search for what ever it is they want... you're going to loose your job.

Strong Words... I know, but more and more your competitors, the companies that sell the same stuff you're trying to sell, they are hiring an SEO firm to get them on the front page of Google.

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3 Good Reasons to Select a Local SEO Agency

Finding a SEO agency can be challenging at the best of times. You have to take many factors into consideration before being able to make the right decision. This becomes even more difficult when you are considering an agency that will handle all of your SEO objectives remotely. Unfortunately it isn't just as simple as knowing the "proof is in the pudding" by viewing the results of their previous clients. This is where selecting a local SEO agency becomes a critical element and here are the reasons why.

1. The Relationship - Working with an agency is about more than just getting results. It's about finding the agency who you can establish a long term relationship that will know your business as well as you do and base their recommendations and activity surrounding your model. Selecting a local SEO agency makes this far more probable as you can have more face-to-face interaction rather than primarily communicating through email where details can get lost in translation.

2. Local Business - Regardless of where your business is located, it is critical to understand the market in that locality. While there is certainly enough information on the internet to allow for some degree of research, nothing can compare to understanding the mindset and rhythm of the people in any given locality. This is where a local agency can become more of an asset than a remote agency who is receiving most of their information second hand.

3. Accessibility - This relates to the first point to a degree. It is one thing to have a weekly conference call scheduled and quite another to have consistent face-to-face meetings that provide the opportunity for greater understanding on the part of both parties involved as well as allowing the agency to glean information about your business that otherwise may have been overlooked or not come up in conversation.

Keeping the above points in mind will certainly serve you better in selecting a local SEO agency as well as providing some insight into what elements to take into consideration when you are intending to hand over the organic marketing of your business to an external party.

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Publicity is one of the most important success factors for almost any website or business, but it can be very challenging at the beginning to establish presence and credibility

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