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5 Ways Facebook Can Build Your Local Business

Lorrie Thomas , Web Marketing Therapy , Santa Barbara, CA - Jan 12, 2010

Facebook is a social networking platform that is more than the latest fad. It is boosting marketing and sales for local businesses. Here are the five main ways that Facebook can help your local business:

1. Build Awareness

Facebook offers very affordable, targeted cost-per-click advertising options that can be laser-targeted to the city you do business in. You only pay per click, so costs are minimal. Also, a Facebook page or group can be created to help get the word out about your organization.

2. Distribute Information

Local businesses need to affordably communicate events, news, products and services. Facebook allows you to leverage your personal and professional contacts to share information -- for free.

One of my favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara closed last year. I learned that it re-opened because one of my Facebook friends messaged all his personal contacts to share the news that he took over as the General Manager. He earned lots of business and boosted awareness by one easy (and free) message.

3. Create Community

Social networking serves to bring people together. Your local business can brand, build, and boost business by creating a Facebook page or group so your local contacts can converse with each other. Let your community become your best sales people and free focus group. Listen to the conversations and allow raving fans to share and get in on the conversation.

4. Offer Additional Customer Service

Through Facebook, you can answer questions, receive free feedback, promote events, and provide news to be of additional service to your locally-based audience. Facebook gives your prospective and current customers an additional web option to find and connect with you.

5. Boost Sales

Local businesses have to fight harder than ever to survive in this tough economy, but your business can have a competitive edge with Facebook. Tapping free social networking tools like Facebook to build awareness, share information, educate, build community, increase connection, and enhance customer service will all work in unison to make sales.

When used with the right intention and managed regularly, Facebook can be a no-cost marketing tool to help your local businesses gain a competitive edge. Converse directly with locals, create a community of conversation -- learn, share, and connect -- all in a fun way.

Facebook has over 350 million users; I am willing to bet that your local audience is waiting.

Lorrie Thomas, MA is a The Marketing TherapistTM. She helps small businesses get BIG with web marketing. Her team of "wild web women" at Web Marketing Therapy support clients as a web marketing agency and web marketing training company. Lorrie speaks nationally and teaches Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing courses at UCSB and Berkeley Extension


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